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Upon arrival at Bole International Airport you will be met by His-Cul Ethiopia Tours’ representative andbe transferred to your hotel. Depending on your arrival time you will visit some of the following sites: Entoto Natural Park with the best view over the capital. Institute of Ethiopian Studies, where you can see a variety of artifacts from all the different regionsreflecting the history and culture of the country National Museum which among other exhibits the 3.5-million-year-old bones of Lucy. The St. George Cathedral, where paintings by the famous Ethiopian artist Afework Tekele andother ecclesiastical wealth and cultural heritage of the past are displayed. Trinity Cathedral: this is the burial place of members of the imperial family and noted patriots; thecathedral is the most magnificent of its kind in the country, ornamented with carvings, mosaics andother artistic works. Mercato, the largest open-air market in AfricaOvernight stay in a hotel.



In the morning, you will fly to Bahir Dar, where you will be picked up by your guide and be transferred toyour hotel. We then undertake a boat trip on Lake Tana to explore the nearby monastery of Ura KidaneMihret on the Zege peninsula, known for its 14 th century, round, grass-roofed churches and theirmagnificent wall murals. After lunch you will visit the magnificent Blue Nile Falls. Overnight stay in ahotel.



After breakfast drive to Gondar, the 17th century royal city of Ethiopia. After lunch, you will visit to theroyal enclosures of Fassil Ghibe and all the castles of the Gonderian emperors as well as thefamous Debre Berhan Selassie Church, which is completely covered in murals, with the angels’ faces onthe wooden ceiling that have become a trademark of Ethiopian art and design. Overnight stay in a hotel.



Early in the morning, you drive to the Simien Mountains National Park. You will reach the Simien Lodge, the highest lodge in Africa, around noon time. After lunch, you will start exploring the Simien Mountains National Park which has a unique landscape and endemic fauna. At this park, you may experience the very close interaction with the friendly Gelada Baboons. Overnight stay in a lodge.


Day 5: Simeien Mountains National Park – Axum 

After breakfast, head/drive to Axum which is considered as one of the holiest cities in Ethiopia whereEthiopian Christianity is said to have begun, dating back over 2000 years. The Axumite kingdom is alsoconsidered the cradle of Ethiopian civilization. Overnight stay in hotel.


Day 06: AXUM

The city tour of Axum includes: Axum stelae or obelisks, the largest single piece of stone erected byhuman beings anywhere in the world, castles of former monarchs, Mariam Tsion Church which is builton the site of Ethiopia’s first church, the Palace of Queen Sheba, the inscriptions King Ezana andthe tombs of the kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskel. Overnight stay in a hotel.


Day 07: Axum – Yeha – Mekelle

After breakfast, you will visit the temple of Yeha (approx. 50km / 1 hour.) from Axum to visit a pre-Axumite settlement and well-preserved stone temple with 12 m high walls estimated to be 2,500 yearsold. After lunch, You will drive through the amazing rocky landscapes of Tigray to Mekelle (approx. 3hrs). On the way, you will visit the churches of Wukro Cherkos and Abreha We Atsbeha, among the mostfamous churches of the Tigray Region. Overnight stay in a hotel.


Day 8: Mekelle – Lalibela

Today you will continue your drive through ever changing landscapes to Lalibela. Overnight stay in ahotel.


Day 9: Lalibela

In the morning you will visit the first group of the 11-renowned rock hewn churches of Lalibela, alsoknown as the “8 th wonder of the world”. The first group of six churches lies in rock cradles, one behindthe other: Bet Golgotha, Bet Mikeal, Bet Mariam, Bet Maskel, Bet Dangal and Bet Medhanealem. BetMedhanealem, the largest rock hewn church in the world is built like a Greek temple. After lunch, youwill visit the second group of the same churches located to the south of the River Jordan. The secondgroup comprises Bet Giyorgis, possibly the most elegant of all the Lalibela churches. Bet Giyorgis liessomewhat isolated to the southwestern part of the village on a slopping rock terrace and can only bereached through a tunnel. The group of four churches, south of the river Jordan river, comprises BetEmanuel, Bet Mercurios, Bet Aba Libanos and Bet Gabriel and Rufeal. Bet Emanuel’s elaborated exteriorhas been much praised by international art historians.


Day 10: Lalibela –Addis Ababa – Departure

Fly back to Addis Ababa and do shopping. In the early hours of the evening you will be transferred toeither Bole International Airport to fly back to home.


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Historical Tour : 10 Days & 9 Nights

  • Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia, located in the central part of the country. It is the largest city in Ethiopia and is considered the political, cultural, and economic center of the country.

    The city is home to several important historical and cultural landmarks, including the National Museum of Ethiopia, which houses the famous fossilized hominid remains of "Lucy," a 3.2 million-year-old ancestor of humans. Other notable attractions include the Addis Ababa Ethnographic Museum, the Holy Trinity Cathedral, and the Merkato, which is one of the largest open-air markets in Africa.

    Addis Ababa is also known for its vibrant local culture and cuisine. Visitors can sample a variety of traditional Ethiopian dishes, such as injera, a sourdough flatbread, and doro wat, a spicy chicken stew. The city is also home to several art galleries, theaters, and music venues, where visitors can experience Ethiopia's rich artistic and cultural heritage.

    Overall, Addis Ababa is a bustling and vibrant city that offers visitors a unique glimpse into Ethiopia's history, culture, and contemporary life. Its mix of ancient landmarks, modern amenities, and local hospitality make it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Ethiopia.

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